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It's all found here. Chico's, Yuba City's and Marysville's best National and Local Talk. The reason why is because we are owned and operated by your friends and neighbors. This is our town and this is your local community station.

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KMYC AM is a 5000 watt media giant that covers the north valley . The Line-up of the top stars in the world of talk and it's strong signal make KMYC an ideal way to reach the large blue collar and military worker base. KMYC is the ONLY LOCAL TALK STATION IN THE MARKET. We have chosen the very best talk programming to assure quality on the air and listener loyalty, which translates into great radio and results for sponsors.



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Weekend Hosts

Live with Lou is a topical and poignant show that guests touch the social fabric of this community and the nation.

Great American Story - Bob Day is absolutely gripping entertainment that is embodied with gifted narration, deeply thought provoking radio, yet easily understandable.

Safari Real Estate - Lori Schulz is your guided tour through the jungle of real estate. Whether you are buying or selling a home, don't miss Safari Real Estate live Saturdays at 4 PM.

The Dirt - Lori Schulz delves into the paranormal and spiritual side of life. Ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, psychic phenomena, and the supernatural, you'll find it all on The Dirt, live Saturday 5-7 PM

The Good Life - Mike Wreyford Mike combines his lifetime of Travel and 30+ years in the Restaurant / Bar business, along with his marketing and entrepreneurial expertise, to share his passion for Food, Wine, Travel and Lifestyle. Saturday 2-4pm